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Big Hat Games started out a student team of 15 peers who had no idea what they were getting into. Our first title, Scamp: High Hat Havoc, is the result of ridiculous chemistry, shenanigans, and constants pranks.

Through the process of making Scamp: High Hat Havoc, the team grew to 19 developers. By the end of project over half the team had moved onto careers with companies including EA and Gearbox. The other half remained on staff to create the official Big Hat Games company and see Scamp: High Hat Havoc released to steam.

Our team is currently working on getting Scamp to a steam page near you. After that who knows!? Will Scamp get a sequel? Will our artist rage quit and set everything on fire? Will they collect all the Dragonballs and wish for immortality? Find out next time at Big Hat Games.


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